Israeli Wedding Dress Designer


Israeli Wedding Dress Designer. You might be to a fun consultation ending up in our in- house hair stylist in Israel. Come with your own personal friend and/ or your mom, for an hour dedicated to a person and you only where you will talk about your wedding dress, hair as well as makeup, accessories and more.

Merav Solo: While I have been in the company for over 20 years, participating in the New You are able to International Bridal Week had been equivalent to being reborn. The actual encounter with cultures and also countries around the world, different people for this same industry and make use of the same “language”… it feels such as everything is magnified within NY; it is like going swimming in a huge ocean however the waters are nice and comfortable. On one hand it felt just like a rebirth but on the other I am no longer as naive as I visited my beginning. I’m mindful, I hear and really feel a lot more, I developed some sort of sixth sense and I manage it.

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