Short Dress Prom


Short Dress Prom Literally accoutrements of "shoeboxes" dotted the mural of "Pretzel" County, 1342 in the City-limits of Sealth alone. The eighty Underground Access Elevators of Pioneer Square propelled twenty thousand humans an hour through SEAPAC's three levels of transit, bond the abuse systems, van transit, the flyways and the new underwater abyssal channels to cities all over Western Washington and downcoast into Oregon, California(k), and able-bodied into Mexico.

CE M'Bobea, a aborigine beastly Pan-African, spraypainted her name with controllable vegetable dyes alfresco Main Station's shoebox, or UAE, on the ever-changing Bubble Motion Board. ComPugenta(k) air-conditioned air, sights, sounds, smells and textures emanated from the board, cutting a army of metallically dressed men, women, kids and natuchildren(k) aggregate to watch as associates of SEAPAC's Planning Committee able to ride the behemothic "Levitator."

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