Winter Wedding Dress 2016


Winter Wedding Dress 2016, Rich seasonal colors make this a great season for weddings -- but there are possible winter wedding problems you need to keep in mind. The first possible pitfall for weddings in most parts of the country is, obviously, the frosty temperatures. Your first type of defense is dressing wedding and reception party weather-appropriate. You can still choose strapless dresses or bridesmaids dresses with shorter hems, but consider incorporating wraps within an accenting color or even funeste tights if they will be spending a considerable timeframe outdoors. (They can always take them off later if things warmth up at the reception. ) And while you probably won't want to plan a backyard winter wedding reception (especially if you stay in an area that gets plenty of compacted snow and ice), there are still lots of ways to take the beauty of the season indoors. Hang up garlands of greenery or icicle-like crystals to emphasize your dance floor or cake table, and integrate plenty of candles, pinecones, and glittery details into your centerpieces. Another way to create a cozy reception is to use plenty of lush, gentle textures -- like velvet, chenille, or tweed -- into your decor. You can even take the best of the season with winter wedding catering ideas -- serve tasty soups shooters during the cocktail hour, hearty comfort food during the dinner, and pass out shortbread snacks and spiced cider for your midnight snack. Your guests will love the toasty treat -- especially before they must head back into the cold. Great option? A decked out espresso bar with extras like whipped cream and chocolate shavings will warm everyone up.

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